I’m a Canadian artist currently working in Seoul. My work has been featured in exhibitions in Korea and Canada, most notably the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. I exhibit art using pseudonyms, incorporate fictional backgrounds, and even hired an actor as a stand-in. This is because I believe a fictitious artist can be more compelling than the real one.

Despite the several names, this page is about Joseph Reyes and not another made-up person.

I usually draw images made up of smaller images and text. They are visual diary entries which allow those who are physically capable an intimate window into the artist’s psyche. I enjoy exploring this need for public expression versus the need for personal privacy.  Unfortunately, it is a style that is meant to be experienced physically and not scrutinized in digital space where images can be enhanced, manipulated and magnified.

I also make sculptures. I create packaged sculptures as well as modified religious statues.

Joseph Reyes