Joseph Reyes

These are images from a series called "Fever Dream." They're inspired by my desire to come back home to Canada. 

The following is a series of figures I did in an attempt to mimic action figures. I was trying to come up with an alterative way to exhibit works.


Canadian-themed anime-style film posters, distressed to make them look more authentic.

And yes, I do know that my Japanese is garbage and nonsensical.


I always thought that my work is better appreciated in book form so that viewers will have something on hand to study and manipulate. It's better than a gallery setting where people strain to see an image or the computer where it can easily be magnified.
Maybe someday, the book will actually become a reality. Well actually, I had a book published a long time ago. Getting a second one just seems more complicated this time around.

These are images made to "fill the page." I turned them into a collection of images designed to look like an I Spy book called Pseudologia Fantastica.  

Growing up Catholic, I remember my grandmother having a collection of statues of saints and the Virgin Mary on a little shrine by her bed. As a young child, I found them beautiful and mysterious. Later on in Catholic school, I found it interesting that there are many versions of the Virgin and different patron saints for all sorts of purposes. This collection is based on that idea.

The works are currently being blogged and shown under the name Kim Soojin.